Diploma in Personal Training

Premier Training International, K2 Crawley UK - http://www.premierglobal.co.uk/


Level 2 Certificates in Gym Instruction:

- Concepts and components of fitness
- How to design an exercise programme through the use of free weights, resistance machines, warm ups and cool downs, flexibility, abdominal and lower back exercises.
- Professionalism including health and safety, ethics and customer service.

Certificate in Nutritional Advice for Physical Activity:

- Pre and Post exercise nutrition
- Weight management
- Goal setting

Level 3 Certificates in Personal Training:

- Effective communication, developing motivational strategies and working with other professionals
- Health and fitness appraisal, lifestyle analysis and stress management
- Special populations including obesity, diabetes, asthma and orthopedic conditions
- Fitness testing for power, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility
- Core training, periodisation and programme design for power, strength, hypertrophy and aerobic fitness.

REP’s Number: Andy – R0093055

Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification Number: 600/2167/6

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