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Hello, I’m Andrew and for the last few years I’ve been on a mission…

To guide as many people through the rejuvenation of minds, bodies and spirits as I possibly can.

- My story -

Andrew was born on 6th July at 6:39am weighing in at 7lbs 9oz. Like most, he was described as being perfectly healthy. As Andrew grew and developed, a strange and worrying deformity began to develop. It seemed as though his chest was growing inward, so after a brief appointment with his doctor the diagnosis of “Pectus Excavatum” was made. This particular deformity causes the chest, particularly that of the sternum area to grow inwards. This condition is considered to have minor health implications but can cause extreme abnormality of the chest. This condition develops over time but most significantly; drastic changes will develop during puberty. It is incredibly rare for those affected to suffer from a case severe enough to warrant major reconstructive surgery but unfortunately this was not the outcome for Andrew.

During secondary school, Andrew competed in numerous sports and was undeniably an asset to his teammates. He was excelling in a subject he truly loved and embraced friendships whole-heartedly.

However, it was also a time in which Andrew had become increasingly self-aware causing insecurities to surface. Andrew can recall the difficulties he faced during this stage of his life.

“I began to hate the way I looked. In an attempt to hide the dent in my chest I would always wear four to five layers, but to me this was perfectly normal”

Andrew’s friends began to notice that his chest was aesthetically different. Friends often wondered why he did not join in with social activities such as pool parties and why Andrew would wear numerous layers during the summer months. In fact, this was due to Andrew’s poor circulation as a result of his deformity and doctors diagnosed him with ‘raynaud’s disease’. Those who suffer with ‘raynauds’ often feel the cold, despite warm weather. By the age of 15, Andrew’s condition consumed his life. His chest was now severely compressed and as a result, both breathing and heart functions had begun to deteriorate

“I was unable to get enough air into my lungs causing my performance to suffer on the playing field. It was noticeable to my coach and peers and I began to lose confidence in my ability. I decided to join a gym at the tender age of fifteen, despite rules stating the starting age was 16. I was desperate to train and improve my fitness and age wasn’t going to hinder me.”

As time passed, Andrew was unable to prevent his deformity from developing. It was a losing battle and despite his determination to overcome his deformity, medical intervention would be the only route.

“When the paramedic explains you are having a heart attack at twenty one – fear is the only emotion you will ever feel”

One evening, Andrew was in unbelievable pain and felt extremely unsettled. His breathing became out of control and considerable pain began to develop down the left side of his body. His heart began to race and with each breath the pain became unbearable. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and was treated for his heart attack. Once Andrew was stabilized, he was able to explain to the paramedics the history concerning his chest. It was then that Andrew so desperately wanted a solution to heal his increasing deformity. After undergoing a multitude of tests, surgery was the only option.

“My heart was both compressed and displaced. This lead to severe palpitations and poor circulation, but to hear that I had a 36% decrease in my overall lung capacity – I couldn’t believe it!”

Andrew met with London’s leading expert on cardio-thoracics but due to the rarity of his condition, the opinion from a second expert was required. Prof. Hans Pilegaard is one of only two experts in the world who understands and treats the deformity of “Pectus Excavatum”. He uses a modified surgery known as the “Nuss Procedure”. This involves inserting a titanium bar underneath the rib cage and acts as a braced structure for the re-designed rib cage to form around. This helps relieve all compression to vital organs.

“I considered all that I had been through and dreamed of the future ahead of me. I felt strong and made a conscious decision to not allow my condition to dictate my life and the person I could be.”

On 20th April at 8.30am Andrew arrived at London’s Heart Hospital. At half past four Andrew awoke from his surgery. The results were unbelievable and Andrew was unable in this moment to contemplate the significant changes the surgery had made to his chest. Not only was Andrew now able to breath normally, his heart was fully functioning and the compressions had incredibly disappeared. Miraculously the scars were minor and barely detectable. He was a new man! This day would change his life forever.


“I now have a 2 foot titanium bar screwed to the underneath of my rib cage – airport security will have a field day!”

Andrew’s recovery consisted of a six-month time scale. Three of these months were spent in bed. Unable to lift, twist, bend, cough, sneeze or even laugh Andrew lost over two stone in weight. These initial stages would prove to be his most challenging. Despite all the odds, Andrew’s relentless determination to recover and inspirational courage led to a quick recovery. Andrew is back to peak fitness and works as a personal trainer helping clients achieve outstanding results. Andrew believes that anything is achievable if you truly believe in yourself. Despite all the problems regarding his chest, he never gave up.

As a personal trainer, Andrew knows exactly how to plan for complete Physical and mental recovery. He specializes in total body transformations and has invaluable knowledge regarding the tools to motivating varied individuals. He also considers the concept of health and wellbeing as something simple and straightforward. By incorporating all forms of training, it keeps the training relevant to individual’s lives. We must also remember the necessities of a good balanced diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables, good carbohydrates and at least two litres of water everyday are crucial implements to loosing weight. However, a cheeky cheat day is recommend too! Andrew can undoubtedly help you achieve results without the need for calorie controlled fad diets and tedious amounts of cardio.

With his body, mind and spirit revitalized Andrew now shares his story as a way to motivate and inspire others. With Andrew’s journey from a potentially life threatening deformity requiring major surgery, his experience and knowledge has allowed him to identify the ingredients to unstoppable motivation. This ensures that all clients will be pumped for every session, psyched for change and understand that with a little help you can achieve your dream physique.

Since Andrew took his idea online, his mission became global. As a digital enterprise it allows 24/7 accessibility and by minimizing costs it ensures affordability for all. Fitanium continues to help thousands of people everyday in achieving their dream physique whilst simultaneously enhancing their mind and spirit.

Discover today, how you too can revitalize your own life by joining thousands of others

“The day we stop moving is the day we die”
– Andrew Wilson

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